Day 2: The Journey Continues

July 10, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Keep smiling..... and Waving even though you are completely exhausted. This is now Day 2, and we are leaving Charlotte headed for Richmond which will be our final stop.

Today we meet at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for our lap around the track... we hope!!

You can tell that this is going to be a BIG day.. MINI are everywhere again, and there is still so much excitement to drive on the race track. Atlanta was pretty cool, but Charlotte promises to be even better.

Arriving at the Speedway again there are the large tents, and lots of vendors.... and swag to be had! Every morning we have breakfast, and meet new MINI friends. Today I met face to face a lady that we have corresponded through social media for the past year, and because of MTTS we have the opportunity to talk in person.  

Sabastian, the MINI guy... greeted us each morning, and shared his 'special' button! Today would be his last day with us, but we will have our USA MINI person throughout our trip.  It's really awesome to meet, and talk to these guys... they truly showed a genuine interest in us.

AND it's time to "Start Your ENGINES" and take a lap around the track... We waited patiently for our turn. It's either that or run the 'pit crew' over.

Today we are ready for our run on the track...

Twiggy is going to give it all she has. Well not really, but we are going to have some fun!




Twiggy did some banking.... didn't go as fast as we wanted, but 85 mph is pretty good! Being in a convertible with a bank takes a little getting use to.

I think we may have broken some rules.... we passed between two MINI. Just a tad bit scary not knowing the abilities of the other drivers, but it was fun! We will be talking about this for a long time... WOW

Leaving the track each day we were greeted by other MINIacs. Not really sure who they were, but the waved us on our way. On to our next stop... for our Surprise and Delight!

Sadler's Truck Stop... and Checkered Flag MINI was there handing out water, and if you were one of the lucky ones you got a magnet as well!


So this wasn't the best 'pit stop', but it gave us time to catch up with some other MINI people, and a much needed bathroom break!



I just had to share this photo of the cutiest dog yet... besides the labs I saw sitting in the back seat of a Countryman. They looked like kids just sitting in the back seat. He was all decked out in his hat, and shoes!

Tonight we have a night on our own in Richmond, and we choose to go to the Hardywood Brewery where we met some new friends!

Tomorrow we are on our way to Baltimore..... wait I said we were stopping in Richmond. Well we had so much fun that we decided to go one more stop!


Here are more photos from the day!



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