Day 3: We Made It This Far

July 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

We begin day three in Richmond at the Richmond International Raceway. We've now been on the Atlanta Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, and now Richmond.... could MTTS get any better?

I think there is more MINI here in Richmond than any of the other cities... we were lucky that some how we showed up, and was sixth in line to get into the speedway.



We had time to actually set down and enjoy breakfast, enter for a few raffles, and play corn hole.

Also.... remember I said I thought we were breaking some law in Charlotte? Turns out that we were.... and we weren't alone, but we were warned in Richmond that we couldn't go over 20mph. Do not go on the bank, and absolutely no passing. Ooops!

As we take to the track today we notice that this track is quite a bit smaller than the previous ones. I don't want to say my excitement was down, but the exhaustion was really setting in. Early morning starts, and six plus hour drives with an event in the evening!


We had a fun 'parade lap' around the track, and it gave me opportunity to snap a few photos of the MINI behind us.

Our track time was short, but another great morning start... now off to the Surprise and Delight. This will be a really cool pit stop today, and we are looking forward to it!

Yep.. . it's where Tim Smith makes his Climax Moonshine. You know from the Moonshiners! Well if you don't watch the shop it's where we live... in the mountains of Western North Carolina where we have moonshine.

This is the owner of the distillery... Chuck. He gave us a tour through the distillery, and was very entertaining!

Some of us had a sampling of the moonshine that is made there... but we choose not to drink and drive. Off to lunch in Culpepper!

We found a great lunch spot in Culpepper called Grill 309 with a couple of friends then we were off to Baltimore for an evening at the B&O Railroad Museum.  I will have to say that the food, music, and place was the best so far! Being in Baltimore they did it right with the best crab cakes, and a variety of food.. not to mention an open bar!

Did I say we went to Baltimore? Woke up in Richmond, and decided to go one more city... we are just loving MTTS! I have a feeling we are going to Detroit, but each day we decide if we should continue.


More photos from the day!


We met Sherry... she didn't have a place to stay for the night, and we had an extra room so we had a guest!




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