Day 5: Motoring to the Motor City

July 13, 2016

Today we start in Pittsburgh, and we motor off to the Motor City. Our Rise and Shine was at The Meadows 'horse track'... took me till today to figure out the 'track to track'. It's race tracks, railroad tracks, and horse tracks!


This cutie greeted us with his pony this morning!


Breakfast at the track... and I am thrilled to see theirs coconut water! Driving in a convertible with the heat we have been so dehydrated, and we have stocked up on liquids from the morning events to keep us going.

Our adventure continues..


Still following some MINI as we travel into Ohio where our Surprise and Delight will be today.

A little town of Lisbon known for it's invention of the drinking straw!

Like most little towns they were notified we were coming, and families lined the little streets waving at us. It's great to see the smiles our cars bring to peoples faces!

As we arrived in Lisbon the entire town came out to greet us, and the police had donuts to buy!

I am not sure this little town knew what they were in for, but they were very hospitable as hundreds of MINI tried to find parking places!


I think they made an exception for us!

It still makes me smile to think of all the MINI... shapes, color, designs, and attitude that each bring. MINI is just such a happy place!

After donuts, and a great twisty straw hand-out by MINI service we were off to Detroit.





Again, my drive-by photos kept me busy along our travels. Love this new Clubman!


Much needed laundry stop south of Detroit. We had only planned on three days/two overnights, and now we are on Day 5. I hadn't been to a laundry mat in such a long time I didn't realize that the machines take credit cards!

All clean, and ready for some more travel...

After stopping to get caught up on our laundry we headed to tonight's event at the Eastern Market.


Tonight's event includes Food Trucks! You could see all kinds of food, and dessert trucks parked around Shed 3.




We want in.... some of us arrived a little too early, and it was blazing hot outside. You could see all the set-up going on inside!


Once we realized that all you had to do was walk around to the front we walked into a party with local artist displaying their artwork, and the loudest band ever!



Do you think these would fit in a MINI? Interesting choice of artwork to display to MINI owners.




There were lots of food choices, but we decided on this one!

Would you agree.... Reuben, and a Steak Torta (steak, cheese, jalapeno, and picked onion).


They were delicious, especially with the Orange soda! Just want we needed!



Check out this chick with all her buttons, and MINI purse!



WAIT... there's more!

How could you forget dessert?

Homemade cookies with ice cream. The perfect finish to a great evening!

We left early from the event to visit family.

We hadn't see them in quite a few years, and it was great to catch up. Stayed up a little later than we should have because tomorrow brings an early start again... on the M1 Concourse!


Here are more photos from today!