Day 6: It's a Michigan Day

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Today will be a MICHIGAN day. We start in Detroit at the M1 Concourse, and continue to the upper peninsula UP of Michigan to St. Ignace.


Another city, but the routine is getting familiar. Early up.. get to the track, eat, visit vendors, but today MINI USA had a special announcement!

The arrival of the new SEVEN... and we are the first to see it

MINI flew it into Detroit for us to see it before it's available to order.

The interior was different than in the past... I love the plaid!








I think it's a hit. Unlike past models that are limited in production the SEVEN can be ordered until there isn't a demand for them (so I heard)

Beautiful MINI, but I am holding out for a classic!

Morning routine... gather around for official announcements, and who won prizes!

Time to take to the track.... well kind of. We were able to drive just a small distance at a very low speed, but we did it!

Now we are off to our Surprise and Delight. This time we stop at a cupcake bakery, and they promise not to run out of anything.

My turn to drive.... for some reason he never lets me drive, and this is my Twiggy!

At the next stop we switched, and I had more opportunities to do some drive-by photos.


Our stop... at the cupcake shoppe! Well... they ran out of MINI cookies. This is the one stop that I looked forward to the most, and I am a little disappointed.


A friend let me take a photo of their cookie, and as sweet as she was actually offered me hers. Of course I didn't accept, but how sweet she was just for offering!



Since I didn't get a cookie... we found a great place to stop. Cops and Doughnuts!



This is the best place.... the doughnuts are outstanding, and we had a lot of fun playing with the props!

We just had to stop and see more family. This is Aunt Marie, and she feel in love with Twiggy! We visited with her, and shared our doughnuts then we headed to St Ignace.

Our hotel was located just across the street from the water, and we had an amazing sunset! When we first arrived in Mackinaw City it was raining, an no hopes for a sunset. We checked into our hotel which was not what I was use to, but Twiggy was able to spend the night right outside our door!


So he was really excited, but I was wondering what we were going to do with the huge hot tub in our bathroom.

This was like going back 30 years... it was clean, and all the options were gone since we didn't plan ahead!

AND our view... was worth the money!

Tonight was the first night since we started that we were 'on our own' which meant no big event was scheduled. We had a night to ourselves so we ordered in a pizza, and headed over to watch the sunset over the bridge.

The scenery to St Ignace has been so beautiful... not that you want to stop and take photos, but just so peaceful. The smell of the pine trees just filled the air, and with the convertible we enjoyed every moment!


Here are more photos from today!





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