Day 1: Let's Get Motoring on MTTS

July 09, 2016
Today is the day.... Rise and Shine at 6:30 am at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I have no idea what to expect. How many MINI? What time should we arrive? Am I see people we kno...
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The Night Before.... MTTS

July 08, 2016
You know that anxiousness that you feel when something BIG is coming? That just about described the anticipation for MINI Takes The States, and finally after two years it...
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MINI & Me shootings

June 24, 2015
I have a true love for the MINI Cooper, and just like most of us I have a favorite. Give me a JWC (that's John Cooper Works) with a manual six speed, and I'm in heaven. A...
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MINI weekend

June 16, 2015
This past weekend I was invited to join the Appalachian Mountain Mini's event Bonnet, Boot and Brew Rally.... WOW was I in for a surprise! We also own a MINI Cooper JC...
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Family Photo Sessions

May 15, 2015
Try and follow the “Three Colors + POP” rule: 1. Pick three colors (one being a neutral) and put together outfits with those colors only. More than three colors can se...
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