Mari Miller Photography | Day 4: Off to Pittsburgh

Day 4: Off to Pittsburgh

July 11, 2016

I really can't believe that this is Day 4... I feel like we have been on the road for weeks!

Today we start in Baltimore at the Camden Yards Sports Complex, and I have to say that this stop has brought out more MINI than any other... I am not sure exactly how many, but it's close to 700 from the aerial photos I have seen.

Once again it was an early Rise and Shine at 7:30... same routine 5:30 get up, and pack Twiggy. I have the packing down the only problem is that we only planned for a couple days, and we are running out of clean clothes.

The caters today, which were the ones from last night, were the best so far! Breakfast burritos were on the menu, and some of us enjoy breakfast with our MINI. 

Because we have the best vinyl graphics person at MTTS, and she happened to park in front of us. Lucky for us Joanne put on Twiggy's decal.  Thank you so much Stuck on MINIS. Twiggy is looking great!

Team "Sign Maggie" has been collecting signatures, and donations for Feeding America.

This is what is great about this group. Not only are we having a great time, but along the way there are multiple groups that raising money for MTTS charity. This particular team is a high school boy who has more heart, and soul than most adults decided to plasti dip his Countryman and give you the opportunity to sign it for a donation to Feeding America. Most young kids first of all wouldn't hang out with a bunch of crazy 'MINI' people let alone dedicate his entire trip to help defy hunger! Imagine the things that he will accomplish in his future!

 After spending time socializing, eating, and trying to win some cool MINI stuff we were off to our Surprise and Delight! Like each morning the 'pit crew' was there waving us on to our next adventure. Just to take a moment here... the 'pit crew' were amazing. They greeted you every morning with a smile, they helped, encouraged, and always had such a great attitude- Thank YOU!!!


So we are off... MINI everywhere! Say goodbye to Baltimore, and Hello to Pittsburgh! Our pit stop today is Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum. Well that should be interesting!


Our MINI route took us through quaint little towns where the people must have been told about us coming because it was like a parade through these towns, and families would be outside waving to all of us as we passed by.

On our route I had an opportunity to do some of my Drive-by photos. Not the easiest thing to do, but it's what I am known for. Here's a couple interesting ones.



On the way to Mr. Ed's we passed through Gettysburg, and we just had to make an extra pit stop. This is one place I would love to go back to, and visit. There is so much history here, and just the short time we walked through the monuments didn't give us much opportunity to explore. We will be coming back here!

Now on to Mr. Ed's Elephant Museum!

This was a surprise... as we drove up each MINI was given a Chinese container to fill with candy. Mr Ed's Elephant museum was also a candy store! Just want we needed, a little sugar.  We filled our containers, and enjoy a few moments of strangely decorated yard. This was a great Surprise and Delight!








Now that we have extra energy... off to Pittsburgh, but first we will stop at the Flight 93 Memorial that is on the way.

I didn't expect this stop to affect me as much as it did. It was like we were reliving Sept. 11 all over again. All the memories of that day came back, with all the emotions and disbelief it brought with it. What a beautiful memorial to those that lost their life. As you look over the site where the plane impacted the ground there are wild flowers that soften the impact of that tragic day. I felt like the flowers where the souls that were lost that day coming back year after year to bring beauty back into our world.

Leaving there you left with such a heavy heart.... there's just no more that words can say.

And so we are finally off to Pittsburgh. I will have to say today has been the best sight-seeing day we have had. We will be a little late getting to our event tonight, but it was worth it.

Our event was held at the baseball stadium... no game, but we had a great time enjoying the sunset!

 Early evening tonight... it's been a really long four days! Time to catch up on some sleep before we head to Detroit in the morning.

Yes... we are continuing on to Detroit, and St Ignace. Having the time of our life, and just can't stop!


More photos from today!









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