Mari Miller Photography | The Night Before.... MTTS

The Night Before.... MTTS

July 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

You know that anxiousness that you feel when something BIG is coming? That just about described the anticipation for MINI Takes The States, and finally after two years it all starts tomorrow.

To those reading this that have no idea what I am talking about... and think I've have gone a little crazy. Crazy for a little imported car TWIGGY, my chili red MINI Cooper convertible. In short, MTTS or MINI Takes The States is the largest gathering on MINI Coopers that travel a predetermined route through lots of states raising money for a charity. This event is only held every two years, and this year we started in Atlanta then onto Charlotte-Richmond-Baltimore-Pittsburgh-Detroit-St Ignace-Greenbay-Minneapolis-Sioux Falls-Sturgis-Cheyenne-Park City-Las Vegas- and ends in Palm Springs California. 15 cities in 15 days from July 9 through July 23, 2016, and along the way raised thousands for the charity Feeding America.

This was my first year attending the event, and I had no idea what to expect. I read lots of post on social media on what to bring, and mostly planning... Because I travel on a regular basis, and can leave in a moments notice I thought 'heck with planning' I wanted to just hop in my MINI, and take off. So I had a duffle bag with clothes, enough for a couple of days... because we only plan on three cities (as you read other blog post you'll see how plans change!). With just a week before MTTS I finally had hotel rooms booked for Atlanta, and Richmond with one night in Charlotte with a friend.  What else would you need.. didn't worry about putting my daily route sheets in a binder or being organized at all. I wanted to experience MTTS, and leave the organization to everyone else. My goal was to meet for the morning event (Rise & Shine), and where I go between there and the next city was going to be an adventure!

This is us.. Craig and Mary Miller aka Twiggy's parents!

The night before the event started in Atlanta we attended the pre-party at The Ponce City Market in Atlanta. As we drove in you could start seeing one, two, three.... twenty MINI, and soon the parking lots of the Ponce Market was full. Every space taken, and even rows of MINI parked down the isle between the parked ones. MINI had taken over Atlanta or at least Ponce City Market. We socialized outside meeting face to face with social media friends, hanging out with club friends, and just enjoying a few hours of good times!

After catching up with old friends, and getting to know new ones. . It was time for the MINI balloon light show featuring the United States premiere of French digital art lab Collectif Coin's performance of "Childhood (Cyclique 2.0)," an immersive light and sound experience.

It took the crew hours to set up hundred of balloons that were synchronized to the music. As the music started MINI balloons began lighting, and dancing to the music. A great display to end one evening, and send us all on our way on MTTS.



All in all we had a great first evening, and tomorrow we will arrive bright and early at Atlanta Speedway for our lap around the track before heading to our next destination.

This isn't Twiggy.... but for the next ??? days we will be following a MINI!


Here's a few more photos of the MTTS Pre-party at Ponce City Market





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