Mari Miller Photography | Day 1: Let's Get Motoring on MTTS

Day 1: Let's Get Motoring on MTTS

July 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Today is the day.... Rise and Shine at 6:30 am at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I have no idea what to expect. How many MINI? What time should we arrive? Am I see people we know? Are we really going to go on the race track?

Not really knowing the answers to all the questions we decided to just go with it. Our hotel was just a short ten minute drive, and we arrive right at 6:30 along with hundreds of other MINI.  I am so overwhelmed by seeing everyone. MINI coming in from the side, they are in front of us... behind us! The excitement continues to build as we go through the tunnel, and actually enter the in track infield. WHAT! It's really happening!

We are greeted by the 'pit crew' dressed in the official MINI t-shirts and flags that go from green to checkered as you reach the end. The pit crew motioned us to park, within inches on all sides, of other MINI. I can't sit still the excitement is just about to explode inside me. As soon as we are parked I am out of Twiggy. The first thing I notice is that my shoes are sticking to the track.... I am squealing with excitement that I AM ACTUALLY ON THE RACE TRACK!!! After a moment I calmed myself down (kind of) and heading towards the MTTS bus as well as huge groups of people.

I am here. it's like being in a daze... a dream. It's everything that I imagined, and then lots more.

There were vendors... our local MINI dealers, and others had tents set up with swag and opportunity to win other prizes. Where do you start... well according to my other half we should start with breakfast. Ok... ok I agreed, but I carried my breakfast because there was no time to stop and eat. There was way too much to see, and too many MINI friends that I have to met.

 When the official start of MTTS began we all went to take a seat in the stands... all but me I had to stand at the fence in anticipation of what was going to happen next. I wasn't let down at all... the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. I don't know about you but hearing that song always brings tears to my eyes, and fills my heart with such pride. Then after the welcoming we look to the sky, and see skydivers. Hummm where will they land... wait this is MTTS, and where else would they land but in a MINI. That's right not one, but two landed on the back of a MINI convertible right in front of my eyes!









ITS OFFICIALLY STARTED... we all head out to our MINI in anticipation of 'taking the tract'. Of course, I couldn't sit still I was up, and about meeting people, taking pictures, and just trying to keep calm.

The time has come... 'start your engines' , and it was our turn to drive the track. If you were anywhere near me you could hear my squeals of excitement. We actually were given the checkered flag by no other than the head of MINI. We are off... should we go fast, drive the banks although we've been warned that if you drive the banks to slow oil change could create an issue. That's fine... we drove fast! The thrill. I can't even begin to express the excitement on driving on the track, and going on the bank. Remember we were in a convertible! I never wanted this moment to end.

Great lap around the track, and lots of memories have started... just wondering what the next day will be like! 

That's the 'big guy' from MINI..,. he flew here from Germany to see why all of are so crazy about our MINI... I think he found out the answer!

We were trying out the bank.... testing our boundaries!


After our 'parade lap' ... it was time to head out to our Surprise and Delight in Ridgeway SC. Our local club were going to do their own run, but at this point we decided that instead of staying with the group of MINI people that we know that we would venture out on our own, and meet as many new MINI friends as we could. We would met up morning, and night with our friends but in between was going to be time to met other

On our way we just happened upon a place that was used in the movie "My Cousin Vinny"... how could we not stop?








Our Surprise and Delight was at a tea room, and if you know me at all you know I love this kind of thing. The quaint little town on maybe 3000 didn't know what hit them. We came in, and took over!

What a great stop... we had the BEST iced tea ever! In a MINI cup made it even better.








So refreshing!!!  Now on to our finally stop tonight... Charlotte.

Tonight we get to visit the Nascar Hall of Fame, and meet up with some more of our MINI friends.

Tomorrow we get to drive the Charlotte track!!!





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